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What Does it Mean to Have a Minimalist Lifestyle?

February 1, 2020

Have you been looking for a way to simplify things, save time, and get organized? If you’re asking these questions it’s also possible that you might have some issues with clutter and keeping a tidy space. Becoming a minimalist might be the path to help you fix your problem, but you might wonder, what does it mean to have a minimalist lifestyle?

Removing Clutter From Your Life

On your journey to becoming more minimal, begin by removing any and all clutter from your life. One easy way to start this would be to identify what areas have become a “catch-all” for items that you’re holding when you walk through the door. Make a serious effort to leave surfaces bare, and get rid of anything that you don’t need.   

Home Decor Will Reflect Minimalist Ideas

The way your home looks will also begin to take on a clean new look. Along with keeping surfaces clean, you will want to decorate in a way that feels neat to you. Ask yourself, “Is this causing any sort of distraction” when you are going about daily tasks. Throw away broken items that can’t be fixed. Replace the doorknob that refuses to turn. This will put an end to endless fidgeting with objects that can absorb 15 minutes of your time every day. 

Use Funds You’ve Saved For Enjoyment

It is good to do positive things for yourself. If you have been able to save money after confronting your life from a minimalist point of view, take some time to choose a way to reward yourself for your discipline such as self-enrichment activities like music, art, or study. Over time you can save larger sums of money to accomplish much larger goals. Test yourself. Plan a trip. 

Memories Are More Important Than Things

Always remember that memories are more important than things. If you live your life based around objects that can be destroyed, then you are setting the stage for future disappointment. Building your life around quality interactions and goals will have a much more lasting impact on how you feel. The objects that we gain from our experiences, purchases and the strain of upkeep often become like anchors rather than pleasant reminders.  

Be Patient

Most importantly, be patient with yourself. No one makes all the perfect moves in one day. Accept that changing your habits will be a process, but if you challenge yourself, and remain flexible, you can enjoy peace and time like you never have before, and you’ll thank yourself for it. 


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